Major Pollutants That Cause Air Pollution

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Pollutants are the substances that affect the air adversely. Below mentioned are the major pollutants in found in polluted air.

  • Ozone: Harmful ozone is found in the lower part of our atmosphere or near the earth surface. It can cause respiratory ailments such as asthma. Whereas, the layer of ozone at 6-30 miles above the surface protects us from ultraviolet rays.
  • Sulfur dioxide: It is produced when fossil fuels are burned. It is one of the main elements that cause acid rain.
  • Nitrogen oxides: Nitrogen dioxide is a component of ozone and also forms acid rain.
  • Carbon monoxide: It is majorly emitted by automobiles and indoors it is emitted by poorly maintained heaters.
  • Particulate matter: They are coarse or fine particles which may enter our lungs and cause problems in respiration.
  • Volatile organic compounds: They are of two types; methane and non-methane volatile compounds. Methane contributes to global warming and other compounds help in the formation of ozone.

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