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This high-volume PM2.5 sampler is first of its kind developed in India, the technology is patented by CSIR – National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and licenced by Environmental Solutions. It has several novelty and advantages over existing high-volume PM2.5 sampler available in global market. It offers more than 98% intake efficiency for PM2.5 particles with sharp particle cut-off size (slope or geometric standard deviation, GSD = 1.27) in typical Indian conditions- high particle loading, and humidity condition without affecting the performance, flow rate, negligible re-entrainment problem, etc. The novel design of the sampler covers an impactor assembly comprising a nozzle plate, an impaction plate, and a filter unit. The nozzle plate comprises a plurality of nozzles for channelling an air stream through the sampler. The impaction plate is adapted to collect particulate matter having size greater than a threshold size. The filter unit is adapted to collect particulate matter having size less than or equal to the threshold size. The sampler further comprises a control assembly coupled with the impactor assembly. The control assembly comprises flow control devices to maintain a predetermined air-flow rate of the air stream within the sampler throughout the sampling period even at very high particle loading and humidity (foggy) conditions. 

Advantage of this high-volume sampler over low-volume sampler:

  • because of high-volume flow, high PM mass is collected, so a  sensitive balance (6 digits) doesn’t needed for routine measurements of PM2.5 mass
  • large filter (8×10 inches) is used, so it is ideal for an extensive chemical composition analysis and thus source tracing of PM2.5
  • because of large filter and mass, less error due to charge effect is observed while measuring mass using electronics balance.

Technical specifications:

Particle Separation Two stage separation: Size bin-I  for coarse size particles, a pre-separator tube type nozzle impactor is used Size bin-II  thereafter for separation of particles more than 2.5 µm, a plate nozzle impactor is used
PM2.5 Impactor Design (Patented) Novel design, plate nozzles
Inlet efficiency for PM2.5 particles (aspiration efficiency) >98%
Particle cut-off size 2.52 µm ± 2%
Slope/Geometric Standard Deviation (GSD) (for sharp cut-off should be 1.2 -1.3) 1.27
Traceability of measurement Yes, for all related parameters to SI units from primary standards of CSIR-NPL
Air-pump Three stage brushless blower type to minimize dust generation
Volumetric flow rate 1130 letter/minute 1.13 m3/min (auto adjustable according to particle mass loading (±2%))
Sampling type supported Single and cyclic (1) timer based on the time, and (2) volume timer based on cumulative flow rate. Facility for Manual operation without timer
Sampling duration Tested for 1 min – 1000 hours
Power source 230 V, 50 / 60 Hz
Power requirement Approx. 240 VA
Filter size / dimension 220 mm x 180 mm
Exposed filter area 210 mm x 170 mm
Mini weather station Ambient pressure, temperature and humidity
Operating temperature range -20  to +60 °C
Operating humidity range 10 to 95% RH
Sound pressure level < 35 dB(A) acc. to EN 3744:2010 (distance 8 m)
Protection Patent  2179US329
Data Logger Yes
USB Drive Yes
Weight 40 kg (approx.)
Dimensions Sampling inlet diameter = Cabinet: Width = Height = Depth =
Shelter Material High quality aluminium
Door / Lock Lockable doors
Colour White / Silver
Display LCD Display
Warranty A comprehensive 1 year warranty


  • Sampling head consists of two stages separation for minimising the re-entrainment problem
  • Auto scheduling of sampling
  • Provision for single and cyclic sampling
  • Four types of timer facility: (1) timer for a fixed sampling duration (hours), (1) timer for a fixed sampling ending time (watch time), (3) timer for a fixed sampling air volume, and (4) timer for cyclic operation of sampler with non-sampling hour intervals. Facility for manual operation without timer is also available.
  • Facility to record/set  clock information, Integrating time, Integrating flow volume, Average flow rate, Error massages (if any)
  • History of sampling report includes (i) power failures
  • Mini weather station for monitoring and logging ambient temperature, humidity and pressure
  • User defined data logging interval
  • Control unit with User friendly electronic modules
  • Real time display for record of flow rate/flow volume (cumulative)/ sampling duration/ ambient humidity, temperature, pressure, etc.
  • Capturing and recording Sampling start and end date/time, Sampling duration in hours and minutes, Mean volumetric flow rate in m³/h and Nm³/h, Sampled volume in m³ and Nm³, Mean air pressure/temperature/humidity, Mean pressure difference at the filter, Filter storage temperature
  • User friendly reports in USB in csv format
  • Sampling report history availability for one month.
  • USB connectivity for easier data transfer
  • Automatic, multi-point calibrations of flow when using the deltaCal calibrator
  • Easier temperature and pressure calibration adjustment for maintaining constant flow rate
  • Ability to upgrade firmware automatically via flash drive