• This is what govt is now doing to ensure Delhiites breathe clean air- Now, NPL will use its system to study the range of pollutant and provide accurate data on the level of the content of pollutants in the air. Ironically, there is no proof that certifies the data on pollution that was being provided by the existing systems so far, which was being used by CPCB. The […]
  • Air Quality Monitors in India Need Calibration- NPL has now asked the country’s central pollution watchdog, CPCB, and the pollution control boards of all states to calibrate their instruments with the standard fixed by them. Lack of calibration of pollution-measuring instruments has been hampering efforts of the country’s pollution watchdog to come out with accurate data on air pollution. When Delhi experimented […]
  • Centre to set up a certification authority for calibration of pollution measuring instruments- NEW DELHI: Noting that the absence of standardised pollution-measuring instruments has sometimes led to inaccurate air and water pollution data, the Centre has decided to set up a certification authority for calibration of all such equipments in the country.At present, different agencies use non-calibrated instruments at different measuring stations and this has led to variation in collected […]
  • New ‘gas standards’ in the works to fight pollution- The government is looking to prepare a unified testing methodology to ensure that all agencies that map air pollution use accurate instruments. The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) -National Physical Laboratory (NPL) is in the process of setting up ‘gas standards’, or reference samples of Carbon Monoxide (CO), Sulphur Dioxide (SO2), Nitrous Oxide […]
  • Govt asks pollution watchdogs to get their instruments calibrated to maintain accuracy- NEW DELHI: Admitting that most of the pollution measuring and biomedical equipment are “not calibrated as per standards in the country which affects quality of the measured data”, the Centre has asked pollution watchdogs – CPCB and SPCBs – to get their instruments calibrated periodically and also put specialized agency on job to calibrate biomedical machines to […]